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The SECC meeting is scheduled for:
Thursday, May 29, 2014 at 1:00 PM Central
Nebraska Educational Telecommunications
1800 North 33rd Street
Lincoln, NE 68503
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Proposed "Nebraska Emergency Alert System Operational Plan" as submitted to the FCC on July 10, 2012 
This plan will not take effect until signed by the FCC Chief of Homeland and Security Bureau.  To be alerted when the plan takes effect join the Nebraska EAS Yahoo group (link near top of this page), there is no cost to join the forum.  Suggestions about the EAS Plan are always welcome.  

Nebraska EAS Operational Plan (Updated October 2007).pdf

EAS Required Monthly Test
Statewide Schedule

The Nebraska State Emergency Communications Committee (NE-SECC) is responsible for updating and maintaining the State EAS Plan.

News & Announcements

Tornado EAS Drill Authorized

The FCC has authorized the state of Nebraska to send a “real code” Tornado EAS Drill on Wednesday March 26, 2014 at 10 AM CDT. In case of actual severe weather, the backup date is Thursday March 27. All broadcasters and cable systems are requested to participate. Television stations may choose to transmit an appropriate promotional segment at that time instead of the actual EAS alert. Most radio stations in Nebraska forward the TOR EAS drill the same as a real Tornado warning. The audio message will clearly say that “This Is A Test of the Emergency Alert System,” For the PDF brochure prepared by the National Weather Service explaining the prevalence and danger of severe weather in Nebraska please click here. It is important for all broadcasters and cable systems to let their audience know that we are prepared to warn them in case of dangerous, life threatening situations. The Tornado Drill on March 26 helps us accomplish that goal.

Nebraska EAS Monitoring Assignments have Changed

The FCC has been contacted by the Nebraska SECC with changes in LP-1 and State Relay monitoring for EAS in Nebraska.  Here is a description.

Nebraska has moved all LP-1 and State Relay to FM radio. We have found that FM radio is the most reliable and universal way to distribute legacy EAS. In 2014 the Nebraska SECC plans to release the updated EAS State Plan with these lists included.

Specific updates to FM LP-1 monitoring assignments are as follows:

Auburn/Nebraska City LP-1 now will be KNCY-FM 103.1 MHz
Omaha LP-1 now will be KGOR 99.9 FM
Lincoln LP-1 is KFRX 106.3 FM
North Platte LP-1 is now KZTL 93.5 FM
Norfolk LP-1 is KEXL 106.7 FM

South Sioux City, KSFT 107.1 FM 
New LP-1 in York, KTMX 104.9 FM
(there may be others added this year)

NOTE: All broadcasters and cable systems are required to monitor a National Weather Service station and a State Relay station on EAS equipment. We are also highly encouraged to monitor an LP-1 station.

NET Radio is a 24 hour service where NET TV transmitters sign off at night. We have found most broadcasters and cable systems already monitor NET Radio because EAS receivers typically do not have a TV option. NET TV will continue to relay statewide EAS alerts and tests but as a secondary service not as the official State Relay system.

If you monitor an AM LP-1 station that should still work, but please make plans to update your EAS receivers and monitor an FM LP-1.  Especially if you have any reception problems day or night with an old AM assignment.

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